UkieART Creative Agency

March, 24 2016

project summary

This elegant and beautiful website has been developed for UkieArt Creative Agency, a team of talented photographers, designers and makeup artists who are not afraid to follow their own path in the fashion photography world.

When we started working on this project, two main principles were agreed upon. Firstly, the design should be simple, to keep users focused on the high-quality photo portfolio. Secondly, the website should visualize the company’s understanding of art as it is – unique, sometimes controversial or even provoking.

Looking at the website now we are happy to have achieved these goals. UkieArt website has easy navigation, user-friendly layout, and looks perfectly well on any mobile device. The simple yet exquisite design proved to be the best choice for the creative studio.

We wish these talented artists lots of inspiration for pursuing their goals!
Central office
Chicago, IL USA
Production office
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine